Raisin Capital of the World

Selma is a rapidly growing community of over 24,000, located in the central San Joaquin Valley.

News & Events

Zero Tolerance Enforcement on Illegal Fireworks

Only "Safe and Sane" fireworks are authorized for use.  The City of Selma will continue an aggressive campaign against the use of illegal fireworks within the City limits.
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July 3rd Fireworks Show

City Council Approves Local Road Safety Plan

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High Speed Rail Trains and Employs Selma Residents

Central Valley Training Center prepares valley residents for construction careers.
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Video Tour of Selma, CA

Selma is widely known for its small town charm as well as its big city development. Team Selma, an economic development partnership comprised of public and private entities, spreads the welcome mat for potential business owners and developers with phenomenal results.

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